It’s Against My Religion

Good intentions, man I have so many of them.

I’m in the middle of a three-day weekend and on Friday I had so many plans laid out for all the sewing I’d do on these three days. I had to go into work on Saturday morning, yes, but after that I literally had no plans. I could finish this dress and maybe make a new blouse too!

We’ve been so busy at work lately that the only nights I’ve left on time are the nights when I had to get to dance class or Zumba. I just haven’t had a lot of leisure time in the past week. So this morning, I woke up around 5:30 to go to the washroom and fed the cat while I was up. I thought it was way later than it was, like 8:30. When I realised the hour, I decided it was way, way too early to be up on a Sunday and crawled back into bed. For some reason, I turned my 9AM alarm off. I didn’t really need to get up, I just had the alarm set from Saturday and figured I’d keep it on since, “it wouldn’t kill me to get up at a decent hour and be productive”. This logic flew out the window at 5:30 this morning.

Next thing I know, it’s 12:48PM. I’m glad I fed the cat earlier, or I’d have one cranky kitty on my hands!

I got out of bed, had some “breakfast” and actually got down to work on my dress. Then I got distracted by shiny things (the internet…) and it was game over. I tried to get back to work by doing a series of 20/10s (work for 20 minutes, chill for 10 and repeat), but it was no use. It’s like it’s against my religion – The Church of Lazy-Day Saints –  to get anything done on a Sunday. And I think I deserve some down time given how busy last week was and no doubt how busy the coming week will be!

So instead, I’m watching television on the internet (oh, how post-modern!) and knitting.

I can’t just sit and watch TV, so I guess even my unproductiveness is still productive. I always have to be doing something while in front of the TV (or laptop in this case), which I why I can only watch subtitles in a movie theatre.

I’m currently knitting the True Love Socks on Ravelry. I can’t remember what the yarn is, as I bought it at the Knitting Cafe in Toronto 2 years ago. I forgot all about it until just recently and decided to cast on when I found the skeins again. This pattern’s been in my bookmarks for a while and I attempted it once, but there was one kind of stitch that made no sense to me and so I modified it, thinking “how important could that stitch be?” Well, it occurred a lot in the charts and is a big part of the DNA of this pattern, so my first attempt didn’t turn out so well. Since then I’ve learned how to do the stitch properly. So when I found this yarn, all I could think of was trying the socks again.

I’m happy to report that they’re turning out quite well this time.

I’m an incredibly slow knitter, despite enjoying it and being (I think) pretty good at it. So don’t expect finished product pictures any time soon!

However, you can expect finished dress pictures soon, I’d imagine. I’m currently catching up on this past season of Mad Men (I kind of forgot to watch while it was airing every week…), and that show always makes me want to sew a whole new wardrobe.  I mean, just look at Joan’s dress:


I’d be lying if I said Christina Hendricks wasn’t the reason I kept watching in the first season (let’s be frank, she’s got the best boobs on TV). Her costumes always have me reaching for a sketchbook and checking to see what fabric’s on sale this week.

The further I get into season 5, I’m sure the more the sewing bug will bite. Hopefully I can finish this dress tomorrow to wear to work on Tuesday. But I do have to do laundry, get some groceries and wash my car too. For now though, my coffee cup is empty and I’m about ready to turn the heel on this sock.


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