Monday Thrifting Trip

I very nearly bought this top today.


It’s purple and has a Peter Pan collar! I got an email in the morning from with sale items. At lunch time, I stopped in to look for it, but it wasn’t in the store.  But they had it online, and only my size was left!

In the end, I decided to leave it – I’m working on a dress with the same collar and should only be acquiring new clothes right now if they start off as fabric in my closet (and bedroom. And kitchen. And living room. I have a lot of fabric.)

I did, however, go thrifting after work. I got two pilsner glasses and a bracelet, all for $5!


I’m always left scrambling for bracelets and things to wear on my wrists when getting ready for a belly dance show. This wide, chain link bauble bracelet is perfect!

The glasses are exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’m oddly particular about some things, one being the way I drink beer. It either needs to be in a pint/pilsner glass (not a glass tumbler, not a highball glass, not even a stein or glass mug) or a bottle. Drinking beer from a can feels incredibly déclassé. I feel like beer cans are either for 1) frat parties or 2) sitting in a kiddie pool with a garden hose on a hot summer day.  I do neither of those things.

However! Beer in cans is cheaper. So the last time I bought beer, I bought cans and went on the search for some nice glasses. I can now enjoy a nice Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale in style. My own, weird, oddly specific style.

I love the little bubble in the base!


And as for an update on how my dress is coming along: as soon as the humidity breaks so that I can turn lights and sewing machines and iron on, I’ll finish it. They’ve been calling for thunderstorms to break the humidity for 2 weeks now. It’s bound to happen sooner or later. Until then, knitting with one lamp on is about all I can manage in the evenings (although today I also did some dance practice and yoga after dinner).

Until then, here’s a picture of the prettiest kitty ever, Gretl T Cat.


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