Sometimes Cupcakes Are All I Can Manage

I’m having a rough go of things right now. This always happens in the summer. I mean, it also happens in fall, winter and spring, but it feels extra-sucky in the summer. I feel like Harry Potter, stuck in an eternal summer at the Dursleys. To those of you whose glasses aren’t as thick as mine, what I mean is I just feel far away and disconnected from everything. I want to quit everything I’m involved in and never go back to it.

What up,  chronic untreated depression and anxiety?

So about all I can manage right now are cupcakes: baking, taking pictures of, sharing and of course, eating.

For the uninitiated, I guess the technical term here is: I fucking love cupcakes. Full stop. They’re one of the greatest things on the earth. I remember one birthday, not too long ago, where I actually did more cupcake-eating than I did drinking.

You can take a cake recipe and make it to the letter, decorate it all fancily and it will be  good cake. I’ll enjoy it. But do the exact same thing in miniature, cupcake form? Boom – you’ve just made that recipe 800 times better.

So Wednesday, it was a coworker’s birthday. Naturally, it called for cupcakes (I’ve been known to say that just a random Tuesday calls for cupcakes too, so I’m pretty easily swayed).


I made vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting (yes, as much of an aficionado that I am, vanilla-vanilla is still my favourite…). I put some star sprinkles in the batter for a surprise when a person bites into them. Because I usually ice everything pink/red/purple, my red dye supply was dangerously low. So I did something different and did turquoise icing. They were a huge hit at work! I didn’t have any leftover to take home with me.

The nerdy tidbit about this recipe – my favourite part next to the actual eating of the cupcake – is that the recipe I use is one the earliest known cupcake recipes. It’s over 300 years old and has stood the test of time! (If you’re curious, just Google “1234 Cake” or “Number Cake”).

And that’s about all I got right now! I went to Zumba after work which is always good for working out aggression, stress and other negative shit. Then I came home to pizza, beer and yarn – more great de-stressors. I had to frog like 20 rows last night thanks to a dumb mistake, so I have a bit of work to do!

More later, take care of each other!


One response to “Sometimes Cupcakes Are All I Can Manage

  1. CUPCKES!!!!! Nom nom! Cupcakes make everything better doll!

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