Three OOTDs for the Price of One!

I haven’t posted Outfit of the Days anywhere for a while. Mostly because it’s been hot as balls and I just don’t feel like wearing anything nice that I’m just going to sweat up and grump around in.

However! There have been a few attempts at Looking Nice in the last week or so.

First up, OOTBM – Outfit of the Batman Movie. Or, what I wore to go watch Batman, think about it too critically and ultimately make it sound like I didn’t enjoy it. (I liked parts of it. I just think over all, it tried too hard).

Kickass glow in the dark Bride of Frankenstein T-shirt – bought at a horror con in Toronto a few years ago. They only had a men’s XL, so I cut the neckline and sleeves up to make it more flattering. // Skirt: hand-me-down from a friend, years ago, size 18  // Shoes: Dawgs, size 10. I know, I know. But see paragraph one, about the being hot as balls. I’m not wearing anything  enclosed for another month yet. They’re comfy, they don’t rip my feet up – deal with it.

OOTPH – Outfit of the Provincial Holiday (that I had to go to work on)

Nothing special except that I made the blouse the day before. I wanted a sheer, gauzy summery top and this whipped up real quickly. I may want to fix the back neckline a bit, but I just wanted to wear it already, dammit!

Camisole and capris: Torrid, 1X/18 // Shoes: Dawgs, size 10 // Glasses: Joseph Marc (I keep mistakenly referring to these as Marc Jacobs!)


And lastly, the Piece de Resistance, the Peter Pan Collar Dress. Retro/Vintage is my thing. I like fitted bodices and full, tea-length skirts. With this dress, I really feel like I pinned down my signature look: just throw a rounded collar on it! I practically skipped to work today, I love this dress so much. (… and then I only got one compliment on. Le sigh)

Glasses: Derek Cardigan  // Shoes: those damn Dawgs again (as it gets cooler out, I plan on wearing this with little turn-down socks and mary-janes)  //  Dress by me

I touched up my hair colour using the same dye I used last time. The very first picture in this post shows how much it fades after a dozen or so washes. I love the vibrant red it is now, and I love the ginger it ends up at.

So the moral of the story is, I need a million more dresses like this. The only things that bug me are: 1) when I sit down, the back of this dress all but disappears, just barely covering my ass. 2) fine, gauzy, linen-look fabric wasn’t really meant for a lined bodice with darts and a zipper. It doesn’t hold up as well as it would if it were just made into a flowy skirt. I have some red and white micro-dot fabric that I think needs to be made into a dress of similar styling.

That’s all for now – I have cupcakes to ice and lunch for tomorrow to make!


2 responses to “Three OOTDs for the Price of One!

  1. That dress is perfection – I seriously love everything about it – the amaaazing bright and summery fabric choice, the kick ass collar, the cut! The fit! whatever you call it, ILOVEIT!

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