OOTD: Folk Fest Day 2!

Necessity is the mother of invention. So it goes that I found myself in need to something to wear under my skirts this weekend. At the Folk Fest day stages, I’m a grass-sitter. I don’t need a lawn chair – sitting on the grass is not going to kill me. Plus, I don’t want to have to lug a chair along with all my other crap all weekend. I’m actually a little stressed out that I’m bringing  a blanket with me to sit on. But I do have my car with me this year, so if I get tired of it, I can just throw it in my car.

Sitting on the ground, in a skirt, when you’re less-than-graceful like I am, means a lot of people are going to see my underpants. Plus, it’s windy here. I didn’t want to have to buy bike shorts, because 1) money and 2) they always roll up over my thighs anyhow. So, to the fabric closet! I whipped up some super cute bloomers before heading out last night. They’re so comfy, I can see why some men prefer boxers to briefs. I almost hope the wind comes along and blows my skirt up now! Plus: bonus chub-rub guard!

Skirt: Old Navy, XL (totally shouldn’t have bought it, as I’m trying to save money. Buyer’s remorse, except it’s totally cute!) // Bloomers, made by me, no size  // Purple camisole, Torrid, 1X // Lace tank, Sears, 1X  // Sandals, Dawwwwwgs (I’m taking them off once I get to the park. Folk Fest is a no-shoes zone for me!) // Sunglasses, Smart Set, old enough to nearly be vintage. I bought them like 16 years ago when I saw a picture of Courtney Love wearing a similar pair at Lollapalooza. No one’s surprised here, are we?  //  Victoria Bridge Necklace, local crafter, bought at an art show this spring.


Side note: finally having a car is AWESOME in situations like Folk Fest weekend. I can just leave at the end of the night. I don’t need to wait 45 minutes for a bus, or miss the last bus and walk home through sketchy neighbourhoods alone or leave before the last performer is done because I don’t want to miss my bus. On Sunday, I can actually enjoy the entire evening, instead of wondering how I’m getting home when the buses stop running at 7. Seriously, if you’ve always had a car, you have no idea how good you’ve had it.

Hoping the sun will come out; see you at Victoria Park!


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