Let’s Talk Lipstick

Quite by accident, I’ve found myself watching a fair amount of makeup how-tos, reviews and tutorials on YouTube lately.

This video was especially helpful in providing an extensive review of Revlon’s new Lip Butters. I say “new” because I’ve just started seeing commercials on Canadian TV last month and finally found a couple stores locally that carry them a couple weeks ago. Apparently, they’ve been out in the States since last year.

I’m really excited to try these as sometimes I’m just too lazy for the work that lipstick involves, or I just want a little bit of colour. From everything I’ve heard, these are going to fit the bill nicely!

I have one lip balm from Avon that is tinted red, but it’s quickly running out. Also,  I don’t think it was supposed to be tinted. It seems like it was just an accident when they were making it. None of the catalogues advertised it as tinted, it was just one of their 99¢ lip balms that they had for a couple campaigns. I’ve actually inherited a few of them, as other people I know ordered them and didn’t want a tinted balm. So trying to reorder tinted lip balm from Avon is going to be hit and miss.

Once I get paid this week, I think I’m going to get at least three of these Revlon Lip Butters.


The three I have in mind are (left to right): Candy Apple (gotta have my red lips!), Berry Smoothie and Pink Parfait. They seem to be about $7-8 in the couple of stores I’ve found.

No one ever taught me how to apply make up.  As with a lot teenaged rites of passage, I just kind of figured it out on my own. (This may or may not have partly contributed to my goth phase in high school)  So, in viewing a ridiculous amount of makeup videos lately (and being backstage at burlesque and bellydance shows), I’ve realised that I put on makeup a lot differently that a lot of people.

It appears that I don’t put on enough makeup. For mascara, I apply two layers to the upper and lower lashes. For lipstick, about the same: two “swipes” and then I apply as necessary to even out the colour and coverage. Watching that Lip Butter video that I linked to above, the first thing I noticed was how much lip stick she applied. It seemed really, really, really excessive in my experience.

So I’ll leave you with a question: How much makeup – specifically lipstick – do you apply? Leave a comment below!


One response to “Let’s Talk Lipstick

  1. Oh I’m bad because my makeup regimen is mostly mascara related – but when I do pop some lip stuff on it’s just like you – a few swipes and mushing my lips together. Then I kiss at my reflection, and we’re good to go!

    Maybe I should watch a few videos too… haha!

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