Renewed & Refreshed

I am back from that exotic city to my north, Saskatoon. It was nice to get out of the city, away from everyone I know and not think about real life for a while. I came home feeling refreshed, rebooted and re-inspired! (Mostly. I’m still stressed out about work a little and what the hell I’m doing for dance classes next month).

The thing I was most worried about turned out to be no cause for concern at all. I mentioned last post that I’ve never driven on the highway sans co-pilot. I don’t know why I thought this was going to make a difference. I have driven to Saskatoon, and other places in province before, just never alone. I was totally fine! I got a little white-knuckled while passing semis with two trailers, but semis always make me a little nervous. Can they see me, in my tiny white car? Are you sure? I’m not in their blind spot? 

I made it to the city in good time, despite accidently sleeping in a bit (Google Maps, 3 hours on the number 11? Are you joking? It’s never taken 3 hours to drive to Saskatoon!)

Regina and Saskatoon should be very similar. Geographically, they’re in pretty much the same place on the planet, same population size, both home to a fair size university and thus a younger population, etc. But if you’ve been to both cities, I don’t need to tell you, they’re like night and day. For one, Saskatoon is a pretty city.


Maybe it’s because they have an honest to goodness castle on the banks of the beautiful South Saskatchewan River, while Regina just has the human-made Wascana lake that routinely smells like something died in it.

It feels like a much larger, more urbane centre. It has real art supply stores and stand-alone Starbucks that aren’t just kiosks in grocery stores!

The people are really lovely and personable – I was complimented more times in 12 hours wearing my Peter Pan collar dress than I have been the entire time I’ve worn it in Regina. Some people were a bit too personable – a story I will save for when I blog about my haul from Lush.

(If you’re expecting me to now turn the tables and redeem Regina, I’m sorry, I can’t do it. There’s just nothing redeeming here.)


I feel ready to take on some new projects, finish other ones and look at things from a different perspective. I was finally able to get my hands on some Copic markers and pens and want to start figure drawing and designing again.

Also, I was able to find the exact pair of shoes I’ve been looking for for a while. Ever get a garment or accessory and just feel like it could change everything? Well, I’m weird and studied fashion in school so I have! I’m passionate about this shit, what can I say? I feel like these Alegrias are really going to pull so many outfits together.

Also, teenage riot grrrl-me is really stoked for these. They’re really good quality so I expect them to last a long time. Currently, it’s still hot as balls here, so I can’t really get through an entire day in socks and shoes, but hopefully soon!

This trip really made me realise  (sorry, get ready…) just how awesome I am. Like really. I can’t help that people aren’t on my level here. I had so many random people come up to me in Saskatoon, compliment my outfit and then my sewing skills (instead of saying “people still…. sew?”), or just have a casual conversation during intermission at the production of Hamlet I saw (which was brilliant! I can’t believe I’ve never gone to Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan before!).

Regina is incredibly, incredibly cliquey. I have to remind myself of this so often. Getting out the city drove this point home and helped me to hit that much-needed reset button. Who knows, maybe I’ll even find some nice things about Regina with this new outlook (don’t hold your breath! I’m not going to be held responsible for any asphyxiation!)

For now though, I have a million ideas that require putting pen to paper, a sinkful of dishes, a walk that needs to be taken before it gets dark and a kitty that needs some belly rubs.

Be good to each other!




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