Quickie: OOTD

Quick OOTD post for you today!


Skirt and belt, made by me, no size  //  Blouse, Request via Zellers, XL   // Camisole, Torrid.com, 1X  // The worst, shortest tights ever that don’t work for my Amazon-woman-like legs: no idea. They’re in the garbage now, let’s not discuss them //  Shoes, Alegria, Euro size 41   //  Glasses, Joseph Marc  //  Satchel, eBay find

I don’t care that there’s still 2+ weeks of summer left. Labour Day’s over, it’s autumn now. And the weather is delivering! It’s a bit crisp today, making me want to curl up with a cup of tea and be all introspective in the evening (as opposed to mainlining coffee, which I usually do). I like summer, but I loooooove autumn.

I don’t usually make any note of the makeup I’m wearing, but wanted to draw attention to today’s eye shadow. Kat Von D’s Shadeshifter in “Devotion”. It’s like magic, you guys! I love it and want all the colours now.

And of course, on the lips, Revlon’s ColorBurst Lip Butter in “Candy Apple”. Yeah, I’m still on about the ColorBurst. It’s friggin awesome and I just might marry it. At the very least, I’ll probably get another colour or 2 on pay day.

Did you enjoy the long weekend? Celebrate the Blue Moon? I released a few things that are no longer useful in my life, and made note of things I want to change/do/acquire. A couple things are already happening – never underestimate the healing power of the universe, friends! (I promise I’ll stop the hippy-dippy there. Besides, I have my own granola to make tonight…)

I’m on a real Amanda Palmer kick this week, so I’ve been listening to her solo work as well as The Dresden Dolls and Evelyn Evelyn all day at work today. I probably listened to “Ampersand” 20 times today. This is not the best idea, given the grey weather, as I spent some time crying at my desk this afternoon! I’m not even sad today, that song just gets me every time.

I’m working on a couple things for later in the week! Until then, be good to each other!



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