Time Flies!

I had totally meant to post an update sooner than right now. It was a busy weekend in the Casa de Craft, working on some new goodies for the True Knit Art Show on September 22! I had wanted to do a True Knit Sneak Peak in this post, but I just didn’t have a chance to take and edit pictures. I’ll try to this week. For know, peep the epic poster for the show:



It’s got a lion, on a cliff, in space, with a paint brush in his mouth. And that’s just the poster! Can you imagine how exciting the actual event is going to be?!

The True Knit community has always been really supportive and I’m so glad I’m a part of it. I’m super excited for this show and to meet up with the True Knit Family of Awesome People again.

I’m working on something pretty exciting that I’m hoping to announce/launch today. But I have dance class to get to shortly and am currently wearing no pants. So it will have to wait!

More soon, take care of each other!


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