DIY to Dance Class in 5 minutes

I just got new leggings at Superstore this weekend. They were the only ones left, on for $4.94 and, while technically a size too big – they’re leggings, they’re not going to be baggy anyway. I took it as a sign from above.

They’re grey and black and stripey and have little buttons at the ankles and I want to wear them all the time. While I think my booty is one of my best physical features (I’m with Sir Mix-a-Lot on the big butts love, I cannot lie), and love the way garments cling to it, I don’t like it so much when they cling to my belly. My belly is my last vestige of self-consciousness when it comes to my body. This is why I don’t like wearing pencil skirts or high waisted pants, as much as I love both. I’m okay with people staring at my butt and my hips, but their gaze usually finds its way to my belly too and then – gasp! – they’ll realise I’m fat! Because up until now, I think I’ve got everyone convinced that I’m a size 2, right? I’m all for bikinis (fatkinis) in the summer, short skirts, cropped tops – you name it.  I bellydance in low waisted skirts and pants that bare my chub proudly. But put me in  something that clings to my belly and suddenly, I’d just rather stay inside today. Wearing a muumuu. It’s something I’m working on, but I’m still falling a little short of that goal.

All the tops I wear to dance class come to just above my hips. I like to wear leggings or legging-capris, so I usually need something longer to wear over my tummy. A few people in my classes wear these super cute skirt/hip wrap thingies from The Fairies Pyjamas.

They’re really reasonably priced, but made for people who are more… fairy-sized. Plus the couture-trained designer in me just can’t bring myself to wear something with visible seams like that. Even if they do create a cute, whimsical leaf pattern.

I really really wanted to wear my new leggings to class tonight and I wanted some kind of hip wrap/skirt. And I wanted it now. I got home from work at 5:05 and had to leave for class no later than 6:10. I also had to eat something, change my clothes, gather stuff for class and torment  snuggle and love the cat.

In one of my fabric stashes, I knew I had a red jersey-knit fitted bed sheet that I was never going to use as bedding.

I wolfed down a piece of leftover veggie lasagne and pulled out the fabric. In 5 minutes, I was wearing my own hip wrap.

The best part of a fitted sheet? It already has elastic in it for the waistband! I cut out the shape I wanted for this skirt, sewed a seam in one side, and lettuce-hemmed the bottom (On the “no visible seams” thing, lettuce-hemming is just on the precipice. If I was going to wear this anywhere else but dance class, the lettuce-hem would never, ever do.)

I ran out of time before class to take a picture, so enjoy this picture of me, post-class, feeling less than fresh.


Dat (aforementioned) ass

It does exactly what I want it to, was super, super easy to make (like, I impressed myself here, folks!) and now I want one in every colour. I  will probably end up making several more.

I always end up wanting to sew a lot of other things right before a True Knit art show – when I should be preparing for the show. There’s a vest I want to alter and some pretty vintage blouse fabric I want to use for a tunic/blousey thing and a new dress and…. I really need to be reigned in sometimes. I guess I should just be grateful for being a manic insomniac most of the time!

Be good to each other!


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