A few things to update


True Knit 5: The Crafterlife is officially over! Thanks to everyone that came out, said hi, hung out and bought some stuff! I had a great day, catching up with my little crafty family, eating treats that everyone seemed to keep bringing me and listening to some sweet tunes thanks to the DJs that played all day.

One thing I did this time, as I made my rounds to all the other tables was get a mini Angel Reading/Soul Session done, from Jessica’s ImpressionsWow, is all I can say. That was about all I could say when trying to relate the experience to friends afterwards. It made me cry and just amazed me at how insightful and thought provoking the whole thing was! I would definitely recommend going to a session if you ever get the chance.

After coming home from the show, I absolutely crashed out around 10PM – very early for me!  I stayed in bed til 10 the next morning too – obviously needed to catch up on some missed hours of sleep!

Whenever I finish a big show like this, I always say “I’m not sewing at all for a while now!” But I should know better than that by now. Sewing: I wish I could quite yewwww! (No, I actually don’t)

So after loafing around the apartment for a bit in the morning, I decided I needed a new top to wear with the new pants I got on Friday.


I used a really basic blouse pattern, lengthened it, made the shoulders narrower, the hem fuller and added some ruffles at the neckline. The fabric is true-vintage that someone foisted on me years ago and has just been sitting around. I love the cut of this top and plan to make a couple more.

The rest of the outfit details:

Pants, Old Navy coloured jeans, sweetheart fit, 16 // shoes, Alegria,  EUR41  // Cardigan, Sour Puss, XXL   // Ring, Torrid (turned my finger GREEN!)  // Necklace, Lia Sophia  //  Barrettes, Goody, true-vintage (had them since I was little) // Glasses, Derek Cardigan  // Lipstick,  Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie (or as I like to call it “Violent!Pink”)


This weekend, I finally had the chance to watch the documentary Hit So Hard, the documentary by and about, Patty Schemel, drummer for Hole.

Let me tell you this: in high school, Hole were my motherfucking jam. My fandom was kind of what I was known for  in my school: I was that weird, fat chick who got A’s on tests she didn’t study for, never said a word to anyone and always had on that black Tshirt with the silver heart and the cursive “Hole” logo. (god, I wish I still had that shirt…)

I was excited for this doc when I first heard about it, but living on the Canadian prairies, I honestly didn’t expect to see it any time soon. It got added to the Zip.ca catalogue earlier this month, I added it to my list and it showed up on Friday!

Aside from being a video diary of sorts from when Patty was playing with Hole (divulging a lot I didn’t know about the inner workings of the band), there was a lot of great footage and interviews with various members of the band, friends, family, etc.  It’s really heartbreaking in some parts, but I think overall it’s a tale of hope and survival.

If you’re a retired Riot Grrrl like me, are into bands from that scene (did you write “riots not diets!” in lipstick on your arm too? Cool…), I would definitely recommend checking out this documentary when you can.

And look at that, I’m nearly late for dance class. More later – be good to each other!



2 responses to “A few things to update

  1. Looking great as usual girl!!!

  2. Just want to say you look simply amazing! Love your style & blog 🙂 x

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