Unintentional OOTD!

So yesterday, I just had some errands to run in the afternoon. I washed my hair and didn’t feel like drying it, so I just scrunched up the sides as it dried and put a barrette in it. I put on an oversized top and a belt and then looked in the mirror and realised I didn’t look like a complete slarf!


Top, made last year from a scrap of fabric and only worn once because it “wasn’t good”. I just decided to throw it on yesterday and turns out, I love it!  // pants, Tripp NYC from Torrid, 16  //  Boots, vintage Doc Martens, 10  // belt, Zellers, XL  //  Bat barrette, made myself – you can buy some barrettes here!

(the smile in that first photo is brought to you by me nearly falling over and righting myself just before the timer went off! Go Klutztown!)

I finally ordered new contact lenses and wore them yesterday. What a difference new, fresh contacts in a current prescription makes! I can see forever!


I love how the light in my bathroom makes it look like I have nice skin and not the skin of a dermatillomaniac!

Today, I’m going to a craft show and working on a tutorial! I’ll try to get it posted tomorrow or maybe Tuesday.

Be good to each other!


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