OOTD: I want new clothes

I haven’t done an OOTD in a hot minute. I haven’t got any new clothes in a while, so I figured there’s no point in taking pictures of the same things. But I got a new cardigan on the weekend and wore it to work today. I wasn’t going to take a picture at first, because everything else of my outfit was old, but the cardigan really changed the look!


Jumper: made myself // Blouse: bought at Winners years ago, XL  // Tights: WonderBra, from Zellers, X-Tall  //  Cardigan: Joe, from Superstore, XL

No shoes here as I just wore my boots to and from work. At work I had my Alegria mary janes on.

(Side bar: these tights get me through the winter. They’re super warm and allow me to wear skirts and dresses through the cold months. Well, they have a hole in the toe. I usually buy them at Zellers, but since they’re closing out, everything’s gone to pot there. I can’t find any of my usual purchases there anymore (Zellers is usually hit and miss, but now it’s even more so). Do you live in Canada and wear WonderBra tights? Where do you find them? Please share! I haven’t been able to find them anywhere else. )

This was also a great day to wear my new pins from Bad Idea Sleepover, as they match my sweater! These buttons go to help Taryn pay for fostering kittens at her house. (Instagram fail: the button the right says “Adopt Don’t Shop!”)


I’ve been on the look out for yellow cardigan for a while. I don’t know why; I just became enamoured with it. On Sunday, when I was in Superstore, I found myself in the Joe section. Even if “I’m just running in for a loaf of bread!”, I still make a direct bee-line for the Joe section first. I was actually looking for flannel jammies, but didn’t really like the selection, so I left them.

I just happened to walk past a shelf of cardigans in about 10 different colours. They were regular $19 – not a bad price on its own – on sale until Friday for $12! A lone, mustard yellow cardigan lay discarded on top of a pile of nicely folded pinks, oranges and greens. AND it was in my size. I took that as a sign from above and put it in my basket. It’s a super soft cardigan and even though I was too hot all day, I kept it on because I just like it that much!

After I got home, I thought “oh crap, I forgot: my skin tone doesn’t really look healthy with yellow clothes…” but this yellow (I think) looks good. I don’t think I’d want an overly lemony yellow close to my face though.

To make up for the lack of OOTDs lately, check out my new jammies I got tonight! They’re turquoise and pink and have teeeeaaaaa cupppps on them!!

I had a gift card, so I stopped at Zellers on my way home from work tonight. I had wanted to check for the aforementioned non-existent tights and get a new brush. Since the tights were a bust, I thought “well, I have a gift card, what can I get?”

I checked out the PJ section, as I’ve become obsessed with flannelette jammies lately. I think it’s going to be a cold winter and my apartment gets kind of drafty, so I want to get some warmer jammies. Again, much like the cardigan, I found these ones on a rack by themselves, in my size!

With my giftcard, I got new jammies, a brush, a loaf of bread and 2 holiday Kit Kats for only 62 cents out of my pocket! Score!

(Full disclosure: while I don’t particularly care for christmas, I am a Sucker with a capital S for holiday treats. Take a regular chocolate bar, wrap it in a different wrapper, maybe make it in the shape of a snowman or something, and I’ll take 10!)

The PJs are super soft and warm. So warm that, after taking pictures, I had to take them off until later tonight. Gretl, however, thinks they’re great!


Well, it’s getting late, friends. Most of the projects and events and what not that I’m involved in are coming to a close. There’s really just one more thing I have to do, and then I think I’m Done for the year! So I should be able to get in a few more posts soon!

In the mean time, if you’re down for some Cyber Monday sale shopping, ALL WEEK, check out my Etsy shop for 20% off everything! And check out a lot of great other sales from Etsy vendors and buy handmade if you’re shopping for whatever holiday you observe!

Be good to each other!


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