These Boots Are Made For Winter

I live on the prairies in Canada. It’s a pretty wintery place. When you think of stereotypical Winter in Canada, you’re probably thinking of my corner of Canada.

This winter is no exception as it’s the snowiest winter on record, like… ever, I think. Two big snow storms in November gave us over 30%  of the snow we usually get all winter.

IMG_0002During the last storm, the snow piled on the window ledge more than halfway up the window. Until of course, the wind picked up, as it does, and blew the snow all over the freshly shovelled and plowed sidewalks and roadways.

Now of course, as a lifelong prairie-dweller, this is really no big deal. Most winters, it’s a 6-month stretch. Having more snow at the beginning of the season is really not that stressful (unless, of course, you drive a Fiat, but that’s a different story).

However, I have decided that this is the year I stop wearing two pairs of Kodiak wool socks inside a pair of Converse, or fall fashion boots (re: not lined, not waterproof, no grips)  that have no business in two feet of snow. My feet have been soaking wet every day in the winter for like 20 years. Maybe it’s time I put on my big-girl booties and buy some real-ass winter boots.

The only problem? Winter boots are fugly.


The older I get, the more I realise that I am incredibly vain. I’m okay with that.

I will not be caught dead in a pair of Sorels (or Uggs which are, inexplicably, still wildly popular here). I need a pair of boots that look nice but are also lined and have good grips on the soles. I wear a lot of dresses and skirts through the winter still and I’m not wearing a pair of moon boots, even if it is just from the car to work and work to the car, while wearing nice shoes in the office. (I park about 6 blocks from my office, so heels or dress shoes outside of the office aren’t going to cut it).

In a perfect world, they would just make a winterized pair of Doc Marten’s and I’d be happy. But have you ever worn Docs in the winter? If you have, you probably spent a lot of time on your ass that winter. Those boots are stylish little death traps when it comes to ice! (Or rainy sidewalks, as I learned last fall…)

I need these boots to look marginally OK in a skirt or dress, be warm and keep me from slipping all over the place. They also need to not have a 3-inch heel on them. I have found numerous pairs of insulated, grippy high-heeled boots. I mean, what??

Now, despite what I just said about Sorel, they do apparently make really stylish boots, in addition to the moon-boot monstrosities.



I mean, that is a nice boot, no? Yeah, well, it’s nearly $300, so it should be.

In addition to my boots being stylish, warm, and grippy, they need to be, well… cheap.

I’ve had many conversations with friends about how, as responsible Canadian adults, the one thing we shouldn’t skimp on is winter attire. We live in it for like 6 months of the year, we’re going to get our money’s worth.

But no matter how warm one’s feet are, they still need to pay rent and eat food. I can’t just go to my landlord and say “sorry dude, I’m only paying half of my rent this month because I’m being a responsible adult and wearing warm boots”.

So I’ve told myself that I can only spend a maximum of $100 on stylish, warm, comfy, grippy boots.

Most boots look nice in catalogues or online or even on the shelf. That’s because it’s usually a nice size 6 that you’re looking at. Size that baby up to a 10 wide and shit’s not cute anymore. However, I think I’ve found a pair that may fit the bill nicely.

grand jam


Skechers Grand Jams have a rubbery sole, fuzzy lining and I think I could get away with wearing them with a dress for 20 minutes a day. Also, they zip and lace up, which is important for people with wide calves. Which I am.

I think these are the ones I’m going get, unless something better jumps out at me before pay day.

After reading this, it’s probably no surprise I haven’t had winter boots in 20 years. I honestly don’t think I’m asking for very much though: fashion and function. It exists in nearly every other kind of garment. Why not winter boots?

What kind of winter boots are you sporting this year? Have you found something that is totally awesome that I haven’t mentioned here? Let me know!

Be good to each other! (meaning: shovel your walks and help push cars when they get stuck in the snow! Drivers of tiny little Italian cars everywhere will thank you)



2 responses to “These Boots Are Made For Winter

  1. I got my first pair of winter boots last year. My boss bought a pair of Boggs and they didn’t fit her, but did fit me. In my opinion, they are neither beautiful nor ugly, though I could see some people disagreeing with me. They are waterproof, grippy soled, and are rated to minus 30. My feet are always warm and dry and I hike alot in the winter.

  2. I really like Boggs! I tried on their rain-boot version one spring, but found it just a touch too tight around my calf at the top. So I’m on the hunt for something lace-up! 🙂

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