These Boots Are Made For Winter Part 2: The Snowening

(With a title like that, you should either a: be very very glad or b: be very very sad that I don’t write movies)

Well, it only took a week of shopping, a Thursday night hissy-fit and some honest-to-goodness tears, but I have winter boots now!

It had been a stressful, busy week – both at work and personally – and something that should have proved easy, just wasn’t. Like I said last time, I live on the Canadian prairies – a very wintery place indeed. The stores should be covered in winter boots of all styles. They should practically grown on trees or come free with any purchase of $20 or more at Tim Hortons in December.

The mall downtown has 7 stores that sell footwear. I went to them all and was given basically the same 2 options in all of them: Uggs (or Ugg-knockoffs) or Sorels (and Sorel-type moonboots). If I wasn’t given that, I was presented with shitty customer service. And I’m sorry, I’m not forking over money that I worked really hard for if I have to basically beg the people there to help me. Hudson’s Bay shoe department, I’m looking straight at you and your 4 employees who weren’t busy, but wouldn’t give me the time of day.

Because I can be a bit of a fatalist, I admit, I had a bit of a cry in the car after work about probably never getting a pair of winter boots. Ever. Then, on the drive home, as I was going past the Sears clearance centre, I decided to make a pit stop. It’s in the same mall as Value Village, so I figured I’d hit both, come out empty handed and come home to eat some feelings.

What I wasn’t expecting, was to actually find a pair of boots that I liked and could afford!





I didn’t see a brand on them, just a tag explaining how they’re waterproof and warm and have a skid-proof sole. The price was just written in china marker on the sole. It was the only pair like it and happened to be in my size.

Maybe these boots actually did grow on trees and were just picked that morning.

I did all this shopping, but didn’t actually plan on purchasing a pair of boots this week. I was going to find what I wanted so on pay day, I could just go and get them. I’m in the middle a cash-flow problem and couldn’t justify dropping money on anything other than groceries and gas right now.

But these boots were only $39.99, and the only ones there and probably wouldn’t still be there next weekend when I get paid. They were less than half of what I was budgeting for winter boots, so I snapped them up and made plans for no-frills grocery shopping this weekend.

I wore them out yesterday and I can tell you – they are warm. I remember, about halfway through my errands on Friday afternoon, I thought “I need to get home and take these off already, my feet are burning!” And they’re relatively grippy on the ice. I mean, ice is ice, and it’s going to be slippery to some degree unless your boots are made of fire or shoot sand ahead of you as you walk.

So, all in all, I’d say these get a thumbs up!



Fun Fact Bonus: you know those Olympic mittens that everyone and their dog have? Well, I finally got myself a pair on sale at Zellers. I wore them for probably a good three weeks before a co-worker pointed out that putting my hands together made a big white maple leaf. I did not know this at all! I just kind of grumbled every time  I put the mittens on at the dumb placement of the maple leaf on each mitten. My co-worker mentioned how I should get a picture of my reaction.

It was something like this:


In conclusion: I now have winter boots and can stop destroying my non-winter Steve Maddens that I’d really like to be able to wear for a few more autumns yet. I am still rather perturbed at how difficult it was to find boots – in Canada! – that looked nice, fit well and didn’t break the bank.

I’ve got a crafty/look-at-me-makin-stuff post coming up. Until then, be good to each other!


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