I Made Some Stuff Last Week!

I always feel super-accomplished when I finish projects and see them through to the end. Last week, I finished more than one project, so I’m feeling great about them!

First off, I finished my legwarmers!



I realised pretty quickly into this project that I wasn’t going to have enough of the pink to have solid pink leg warmers. I found some purple in my stash in the same weight and decided to do them two-toned.

These were mostly just to play and try out knitting legwarmers. I wanted a pair to wear over tights while walking to and from work when I wear dresses and skirts. They’re not very pretty, but with a pair of boots – the intended use – I like the way they look.  Of course, I didn’t wear them today – I had orange tights on, so I wasn’t going to throw pink and purple into the mix to walk to work in the dark for 10 minutes this morning.

My vanity knows no bounds.

This project was the first time I ever used the seed stitch – it never really appealed to me before. But after seeing the seed stitch “in real life”, I love it!  I really want to make a seed stitch cardigan now. I’ve found a regular stockinette-knit cardigan pattern that I’m hoping I can just substitute the seed stitch in. I’m a good knitter and I can understand a pattern, but altering something big like a sweater makes me nervous. I don’t want to buy a ton of yarn, get part way through and then realise “oh, this isn’t going to work at all….”

On to the next one. I finished this jumper last night!



OOTD  – Jumper: made myself // Blouse:  Ricki’s, 16  // Tights: Joe, from Superstore  // Shoes: TUK from Torrid, 10

I had the jumper made half way about 2 weeks ago and then got to what I perceived as a “hard part” and set it aside. I picked it up again yesterday and was finished within an hour! Nothing before it’s time, eh?

I wanted to make a jumper like this for a while and remembered that I had 3 metres of this suiting in my stash from a few years ago (when chenille suiting was really popular at the fabric stores). The verdict? It’s shitty to work with – sheds all over the place in long strings. And probably a touch too heavy for the garment, but I do like the weight it gives to the skirt.



I looooove the buttons I used! At $5 each, I probably won’t be buying them again (I  only bought 2 and got them 50% off, which is why I bought them). Also: kind of into the wide french manicure lately. I can do it with shorter nails, which is nice, because I just can’t handle long nails at all!

On the weekend, I also made cookies!

coookiesAnd enjoyed them with a hot beverage in my Holly Hobby mug! You jelly?

They had swirly white- and milk-chocolate chips in them. It changes the taste just enough so they taste like something new and exciting and not your everyday chocolate chip cookie!



I have to go to work tomorrow and then I’m off until the following Monday! Since I have no plans or preparations for “the holidays” to work on, I can just do whatever I want for 5 days! I cast this on last night:



Not telling what it is yet, but maybe by the weekend I’ll have another Finished Object to post pictures of!

Stay warm and take care of each other!



One response to “I Made Some Stuff Last Week!

  1. Wow you were a crafting/baking fool!!! Love the crafts, and LOVE the cookies!

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