The Most Important Thing You Can Do With New Technology is Accessorise

“I’m going to bed early tonight!”

… said the girl who just opened WordPress at 10:54PM on a Sunday. Anytime before midnight is “early” to me, so I’m still on track, but I have a tendency to get distracted while blogging. I only have 4 tabs open right now though, so fingers crossed I can get this done and into bed for a bit of reading and then lights out before 12!

I really just wanted to show off/talk about how much I love my new Kobo Arc! It arrived on Friday. I’ve had to do a lot of messing around to get books I already had on my computer to transfer to the Arc. While I’m still not 100% satisfied with the transfer, I’m pretty over the moon with this piece of technology.

I can watch videos and read comics and check my email and tweet and share pictures and go on YouTube… and oh yeah, I can read books too! I’m currently reading Dust and Shadow by Lindsay Faye, which is a fictitious account of the Jack the Ripper case, as written by Dr John Watson (from the Sherlock Holmes books). I love Sherlock and have always been fascinated by Jack The Ripper, so this is a winning combination.

As a matter of fact, until I was a teenager, I thought at first that Sherlock Holmes was a real dude and worked on the Ripper case. Then I thought that Jack the Ripper was just a character in a Holmes book. I was probably like 16 before I realised that Sherlock Holmes was a fictitious character and Jack the Ripper was a 19th century serial killer. Go me!

Before I could start reading it though, I had to finish the book on my old e-reader. This morning over breakfast, I read the last couple chapters of The Night Eternal by Chuck Hogan & Guillermo Del Toro, which is the 3rd book the The Strain trilogy. It’s some of the best horror writing I’ve read in a long time and highly recommend it!

But of course, all that takes a backseat to the most important thing: my new tablet  needed a fancy sleeve as it was currently naked! As many craft-show-goers in town call me “the ereader sleeve lady”, I owed it to my reputation to get a sleeve made up, and quick!



Of course, since it was for me, it needed to be made out of the greatest fabric ever – Universal Monsters! If you want something similar, you can check out the selection on my Etsy page!

And Bam! it’s 11:11 and I think that’s a darn good time to call it a night!

Be good to each other!


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