Some Finished Objects

I’m riding high on a wave of accomplishment today! First, the slowest knitter to ever knit (ie, me) finished a pair of socks this afternoon.


These are the True Love socks on Ravelry. The sides are supposed to have a repeating column of lacey hearts, which show in everyone else’s socks, but mine are kind of a “squint and use your imagination” deal. No matter, I love the way they look anyhow.

Like I said, I’m a slow knitter. I’m actually pretty slow and steady with a lot of facets in my life. This is something that people just do not get. When I’m showing off something that I made (sewed, knit, painted, etc), there’s always at least one person that says “wow, you’re so talented! How long did that take you?” And it’s always in a tone that says “you’re good at this, so I’m judging you hard if this vintage reproduction, fine-attention-to-detail swing dress took you longer than an hour”.  The only thing I can really “impress” people with is PJ pants: from cutting out to finishing, it usually only takes an hour with a serger.

Some people can knit a pair of socks, start to finish, while watching a movie. I sure can’t. One, I don’t have the attention span, no matter how much I enjoy the activity. Two, I’m just slow! And that’s okay! Every project gets finished. It might just sit in the to-do pile for the better part of a year first.

Today I also added some stuff to my Etsy shop!


Bow tie necklaces! I currently have 5 up and might make some with longer chains too.

And it must be the start of a new work week, because I’ve got new nails.


Pink and red are maybe a little too valentiney (and early at that!), but I just love pink and red!

So I finished socks, painted my nails, updated the shop and went to my first belly dance class of the year. Yeah! Oh, and I signed up for my first ever Coursera course.  It starts on January 28 and I’m super excited! I’m looking forward to required reading, taking notes and doing homework (what? I fucking loved university and would just stay in school for the rest of my life if I could afford it!)

I’ll have more on that once the course starts up.

I’ve got a couple more posts planned for later this week, provided work isn’t too busy (that’s a BIG “if”, I think). Until then, take care of each other!


2 responses to “Some Finished Objects

  1. It’s funny – I get the “How long did it take you” too. I am also a very slow knitter. Plus I have a zillion other crafting ideas in my head that means that I don’t knit all the time. (yesterday I bought a bunch of thrift store sweaters and turned the sleeves into leg warmers) A friend asked me a few weeks back how long a pair of socks takes. I said two to six months. He was blown away, but after considering everything I do, he patted me on the back.

    Happy Knitting!

    • A pair of socks usually takes me about 6 months too! I’ve got books to read, wallets to sew, cupcakes to bake and blogs to write! 🙂
      I guess good things are worth waiting for, eh?

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