So Is Everyone Snowed In This Week?

Dudes, in the last 24 hours, the views on my blog have TRIPLED the previous highest-viewed day. In the last 24 hours, 3 times as many people have looked at my blog as they have in the past.

Who are you? Where have you come from?! Are you all just snowed in and clawing at the internet for something  – anything – to read so you don’t have to go outside/wash the dishes/fold the laundry?

Or are you all just weird introverts, like me, who are really feeling my last post? I suspect that is the case. Well then, Hi Weirdos!

Of course, I use “weird” in a good sense.  I like weird – I like weirdos. You’re in good company.

Speaking of which, I just watched the strangest, most compelling documentary and – surprise surprise – I’m now completely obsessed with it.



“Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles” is about one man’s search for answers regarding the Toynbee Tiles.

This is something that was mentioned very briefly in a podcast I was listening to the other day. It was literally just “… oh like the Toynbee Tiles… Yeah look up ‘Resurrect Dead’…” And then they moved on. I was hooked though and had to do some googling.

Apparently all over the eastern United States and in South America, there are these tiles in the streets that read “Toynbee Idea/ In Kubrick’s 2001 / Resurrect Dead / on Planet Jupiter”.  It’s bizarre.

The documentary and the progression of the mystery is fascinating. I love crazy, obscure, baffling stories like this. I love – LOVE – urban legends and folklore and what not. While this may not be considered an urban legend in the strictest sense, I think it has a lot of the same hallmarks. I want to know more – I need to know more.

Have you ever seen a Toynbee Tile? Do you know of any other weird bits of urban legend/weird tales/local mysteries like this? Please share – we’re all weirdos here!

Stay weird, and take care of each other!


2 responses to “So Is Everyone Snowed In This Week?

  1. Ach how cooool! How did you get your hands on this? I need to watch.

    • I just did a google search on the title of the doc and it brought up some streaming sites to watch online. The library here also has a copy on order, so maybe your local library might have one? It’s definitely worth tracking down!

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