Spontaneous Sewing & OOTD

I went to the fabric store today, to take in their Buy-One-Get-One Sale. There wasn’t much I really felt I needed more than one metre of (except the interfacing I stocked up on!), so it really wasn’t much of a sale for me.

Aside from interfacing, I got some red corduroy for a little skirt that I’m hoping to make this weekend. I had to search all over the place and couldn’t find any in the store. When I asked, the lady at the store wasn’t even sure they had any. She even kind of made a face like “what the hell would a person want corduroy for??” We finally unearthed 4 bolts, with one of them luckily, being the colour I wanted.

(Enter rant about how frustrating it is to live in a city with just one sub-par fabric store. I’m going somewhere in the States this summer – haven’t decided where yet – and I am going to town at Joann’s Fabrics!)

Some leopard print ponté caught my eye as I was walking past and it was such a nice print, I had to pick it up. Nice animal prints are actually hard to find. Some are rather fakey looking or just really brash, making me not want to wear it anywhere other than rock concerts or roller derby games. (Nothing wrong with that, of course. I just need my wardrobe to be more versatile!)

Renewing my membership for the fabric store was far more difficult than expected and involved me being told that my street’s name isn’t spelled right because “that’s not how it’s spelled in the bible”. Okay then. My frustration only increased when the gorgeous leopard print was rolled out to reveal and huge flaw that ran right down the middle of the print! The fabric was 70% off, but I thought it might’ve been just because it was old stock.

I hemmed and hawed and finally decided that I would take 2 meters instead of 1.5 and would probably make it work. So the girl measured out 2 meters, which was pretty much all that there was. She actually cut off the last .25 metre and set it aside for the remnant bin. I was a little floored – who is going to buy .25m of a knit? You can’t even make a child’s shirt with it! And it has a huge flaw down the middle.

I used to work in a fabric store. If I got down to the last bit on a bolt and all that was left was under a half metre, I just gave it to the customer. You want 2 metres, and there’s 2.3? You can have the .3 for free. Especially if you voice how disappointing it is to have found a flaw in an otherwise perfect fabric. But this girl also tried to tell me that knit fabrics couldn’t be made out of cotton, so I guess I wasn’t dealing with the sharpest needle in the pincushion.

I knew I really wanted to make a dolman sleeve top with this fabric. As soon as I saw the fabric, I could see it. When I got home, I looked through my patterns and couldn’t find anything with a dolman sleeve. Feeling overly lazy, I really didn’t want to draft a pattern this afternoon. I looked around online, hoping to just find a picture or line-drawing of a dolman sleeve so I knew exactly where to draw the underarm curve.

In my search, I found this tutorial, which I pretty much followed to the letter. As I looked through the site, I discovered I’d actually used her tutorials before. There’s some good stuff there, if you can look past the churchy, kid/mom-centric stuff.

I very, very rarely work without a pattern, whether it’s a commercial pattern, or one I drafted myself. So I honestly had little faith that this was going to turn out. But I quite like the finished product!



I felt the need to strike a ridiculous pose for this one. I’m half in love with this picture, half embarrassed by it. You can see the flaw a little bit on the right (the cream coloured stripe). No matter how I cut it, I was going to get a bit of that flaw in the blouse, since in ran right down the middle of the fabric. At least I was able to place it so it didn’t run down the middle of the blouse itself.

It can be worn gathered up, above my hips, or pulled down into mini-tunic style with some leggings.



It really is just a rectangle with a neck hole and some arm holes. Once I got going, it only took about an hour/hour and a half with my serger.



Even though I’m just chilling out at home, trying to get rid of the worst sore throat ever, I do have gobs of make up on in these photos. I have a belly dance performance tomorrow night and was trying out some different stage makeup ideas.

IMG_0019Gold eyeshadow is Kat von D (BEST EVER!), the purple is Urban Decay and my eyebrows are the Quo eyebrow Duo in brunette. Lips are lined in a lipstain marker by Covergirl and then covered Revlon Lip Butter (of course).

I’ve had this sore throat since Thursday and really really need it to be gone before tomorrow night’s performance. I don’t feel sick, so I decided to practice dancing a bit this evening. In 5 minutes, my throat was raw, dry and painful. Basically, unless I’m drinking or have a Ricola in my mouth, it hurts.

So I’m hoping one more day of remedies and rest will do the trick. I’m alternating between the Ghost Adventures marathon on Travel + Adventure, and the  Countdown to Apocalypse maraton on H2. So at least I’m being entertained while I heal!

Wow, that was a lot of words just to say “I made a new shirt and I’m sick!”

Take care of yourselves, and each other! Stay hydrated and get some sleep!



2 responses to “Spontaneous Sewing & OOTD

  1. Great top, love the colour suits you perfectly.

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