Back From The Dead?

It’s been exactly a month since my last post. I kept meaning to update and then I just… didn’t.  I’d like to say I was just really busy. In truth, February just wasn’t kind to me. It usually isn’t. I spent much of the last month at the back of a deep Cave of Depression, with side trips to Ravines of Self-Harm and Suicidal Ideation. I’ve emerged, back into civilisation, and am starting to feel better.

I did manage to complete a couple things (and start several more!), in the midst of everything.

First, I made a sweet skirt.


I’ve been wanting to use corduroy on the cross grain for a while, but didn’t want to necessarily make pants. There was a skirt that I saw online from a small business/designer that I really wanted. They didn’t make clothes in my size, however. Normally, when I find something I like in a straight-size store at the mall or something, I have no problem copying it and making the exact garment  in my size. Because the skirt I found was made by a smaller business, I felt bad about making a knock-off.  It was like I was literally taking money out of their hands. Then I just happened to be reading a blog from a fat activist who was talking about how, if you don’t want my fat dollars, I’m not going to feel bad about taking your idea and making it for my body (and – shock! – it looks fine on a body bigger than a size 12!)



Blouse: Request, XL // Cardigan: Joe Fresh, XL // Skirt: made by me // Tights, Joe Fresh // Boots: TUK, 10  // Beret: from a souvenir shop in Paris

I now want to make a million skirts with layers like that!

A couple weeks ago, I also finished my very first shawl! I usually knit hats, mittens and socks, so I generally don’t have to block things. This shawl definitely needed to be blocked, which was a nice thing to be able to check off the list of Knitting Things to Try.


It’s the perfect size to wear around my neck in what I call a Hipster Scarf. And it’s soooo soffft. Oh vintage cashmere, you are wonderful.


The pattern is the Sewanee Shawl, from Ravelry. Super, super easy and a quick knit. If you’ve never knit a shawl before, I’d definitely recommend starting with Sewanee.

I have a couple other projects started – one of which is for the shop! – that I’m just not ready to unveil quite yet. Maybe by next post? Which I’m positive will occur before April!

Until then, take care of each other!


2 responses to “Back From The Dead?

  1. Looooove dat skirt! Wow it’s freaking sexy – that whole outfit, beret and all -I imagine you in a beat gen. club with clouds of mysterious smoke all around you. Love eet!

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