OOTBest Intentions

I meant to update with a couple new outfits last night. And the night before. And the night before. And – you get the picture.

Truth is, I’ve been sleeping a lot lately. I have another cold (that’s 2 in 6 weeks, yay!) and I’m on a new medication that makes me want to sleep all the time. (The upside of this is that after going to my doctor for 15+ years complaining of depression, anxiety, sleep trouble, etc; my doctor finally decided to write me a prescription!) So I’m sleeping 8+ hours each night, which is twice as much as I used to get. It feels great, but also feels like a bit of time waste too. I just don’t have as much time to get stuff done in the evenings as I used to.

But I’ve got 2 outfits, one of which is a shirt I made last week.



The blue fabric is some vintage cotton that a friend gave me and I hid in the back of my closet for a couple years. OOTD details:

Pants: Lands End, 16W  // Shoes: TUK, 10


The collar was from this tutorial. I was originally just going to do a scalloped collar, and then decided to go with the individual circles. I can’t decide which method would actually end up being more fiddly, but this was pretty fiddly. I like the finished product though, so I’ll probably do it again.

The back has a key-hole and button closure, thanks to my getting almost done and realising I wasn’t going to be able to pull this thing over my head!



Then, this weekend, I went for coffee with a friend, who brought me a super cute denim dress. She had accidentally shrunk it in the laundry after only wearing it a couple times and it no longer fit! It’s technically a size too big, even after shrinking, but I like the way it fits.



Dress: Reitmans  // Leggings: Hue, XXL // Necklace: EnGauged Accessories  // Shoes: Spring, 10



My bangs need a trim. Ugh. I feel slarfy.

It’s 10:17 and that’s the latest I’ve stayed up in a week. Including weekends! But I’m starting to feel pretty zonked, so bed time it is! I have a couple projects I’m working on that I’m hoping to finish, photograph and blog in the coming week.

Until then, take care of each other!


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