Leopard Print and Monsters

Third post in one week! I’m back in the game, folks!

Just a quick post to show off a new creation. I’ve seen some deconstructed/upcycled denim skirts floating around the interwebs lately that I’ve wanted to try. Normally  the word “upcycled” makes me break out in a terrible rash and causes a vein in my forehead to stand out. I like clean lines and finished edges and well-installed zippers and hems.  But all these cute skirts I’ve seen lately, while they definitely had a “I don’t know what I’m doing!” feel to them, I felt I could use my skills to make them, you know, actually look nice.

I started with a pair of old jeans. They still fit and nothing’s really wrong with them, they’re just starting to wear a little. They are like 5 years old. I don’t even have a “before” picture of these jeans because they’re so nondescript and uninteresting. Just a standard, straight-legged pair of jeans from Penningtons.

After a couple hours of sitting on my floor with my cutting board, cutting bits of fabric, piecing parts together and trimming seams (which my poor back is paying for now, ow…..), I came away with a pretty sweet skirt. My friend even commented “that used to be jeans?! You’re so creative!”

So, voila:



Two of my favourite cotton prints + an old pair of jeans = bitchin new skirt. (And I don’t usually say “bitchin”, but it just felt apropos)



Details: Skirt, upcycled (cringe…) by me, originally MXM Jeans via Penningtons, 16 // T-shirt, Smart Set, XL // Cardigan, Sourpuss, XXL // Tights, Joe Fresh, C // Shoes, Alegria, 10 // Necklace, RapscallionDesign.com, bought at the True Knit Art Show last year  // Glasses, Derek Cardigan

428 details


I wore this to go to the roller derby season opener tonight and then out for birthday snacks/dessert/coffee (tomorrow, the 28th, is my bday). The game was great – I didn’t get a chance to go to many games last year as I was too busy, so it was fun to be back and see some people I hadn’t seen in a while. I love going to the games because I can show up in fishnet and leopard print and bright red lipstick and no one bats an eye. It’s almost expected. Derby people are my people.

But after hunching over a cutting board and sewing machine today and then sitting in a less than comfortable chair at the game tonight, my back and hip are kind of screaming at me. So it’s time to reheat this gel pack and maybe get into bed with a movie, or episode of Boardwalk Empire, which I’ve just discovered and am loving.

Be good to each other!


4 responses to “Leopard Print and Monsters

  1. It is very nice! I like all the fabric you used and the ruffle adds a nice touch:).

  2. You have inspired me, Deanne. My grown son handed me 3 pair of his cast off jeans “for rags or whatever, mom”. I wondered if they’d fit me…and they do. I don’t like the cut of the legs and they are worn right through in the front pocket areas so they are no good to me as pants, per se… BUT, I should be able to put these 3 pairs together into 1 decent (and interesting) skirt. I have started. Took back pockets off one pair to use as patches/pockets on the front of the main pair. Then the huge job of opening up the main inner leg seam…done. Now it will have to sit for a while. Have to decide how long, how much flare, what kinds of accents, etc.
    I really like yours, but I am reasonably certain mine will look nothing like it.
    🙂 Carri

    • That’s awesome, Carri! You’ll have to post pictures of the skirt once it’s all done. If you’ve ripped out the leg seams and have everything laying flat now – you’ve done the hardest part, in my opinion. The rest should be smooth sailing. 🙂

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