A Quick OOTD!

I went to a dear friend’s wedding on Saturday and naturally, I needed a new dress.

I needed a new dress that I made.

The intention was to have the dress made the weekend before the wedding, but it took me a long time to get the fit right (I made it without a pattern, so I had to make lots of little adjustments once the principal seams were done). But it was done the night before the wedding! IMG_0002

In addition to the dress, the necklace is also made me. I picked up the shoes for $9 at WalMart the morning of the wedding. I really shouldn’t have, but finding a comfy pair of heels that aren’t sky-high are hard to come by!  The belt, I believe, is from Zellers a few years ago.


I’m still not 100% happy with the fit in the bust, but by 9PM on Friday night, I got sick of fucking around with it. As my grandma would say, “a train going by Moose Jaw could never tell the difference”.

I got tons of compliments and can’t wait to wear it again! I think I could probably wear it to work with a cardigan and flats.

Also, I started using Instagram again this month, and made a photo challenge list for August.

Screen shot 2013-08-06 at 11.04.44 PM


Feel free to follow me on Instagram @deannetheresa, and post your August photos with the hashtag #augustphotochallenge2013!

I also still use Flickr for “real” photos, I take with my “real” camera. You can find me there under the user name “deannetheresa” (yeah, you can pretty much find me anywhere under “deannetheresa”).

Hopefully I can get another post in soon, but I am leaving for vacation in 10 days! Given my track record lately, let’s not hold our breath. But I’ll definitely update with vacay pictures when I’m back.

Be good to each other and enjoy the rest of summer!


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