30-something queer Canadian prairie girl. Educated in Fashion Design and Costume Design from Lethbridge College and University of Lethbridge, respectively, I’m now a freelance craftivist. I also have an office day-job to pay the bills that keep popping up every month.

This doesn’t just mean that I work a regular job and like to knit in the evenings. I try to inject craft into every aspect of my life: sewing, knitting, photography, baking, drawing – you name it.

I draw most of my inspiration from the Mid-Century Modern movement and feel most comfortable in a full skirt and matching cardigan. I’m currently trying to work out the logistics of creating a line of vintage inspired dresses (well, I know how to create it, I guess I’m more concerned with getting people to buy it!)

I am fat-positive/body-positive first and foremost. If you’re not down with that, let me show you the door. I believe in Health at Every Size.

I also believe in glitter, bright colours, short skirts and other things that turn heads. My unofficial motto is “the best kind of fashion is confrontational fashion”. I like that some of my clothing choices make you uncomfortable.

Since 2008, I’ve been belly dancing, and started doing burlesque in 2011. I love the creative expression both avenues allow me and feel I’ve really blossomed as a person since starting to explore that once-dormant side of my personality.

Anything else you want to know will probably be picked up along the way. If you have any burning questions, you should seek a doctor. Questions shouldn’t burn! Alternately, you can  contact me using this handy-dandy form:


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