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A Winter’s Cap

Only 4 weeks into the new year and I have my first finished object! (I’ve also read three books already this year. Whoa!)

I was intrigued by the Volkstricken Neon Ski Bonnet I found on Ravelry over the holidays. I like my knitting projects to be a little extra-spicy, to help hold my attention. With cables, decorative wrapped stitches and pom-poms, I knew I had to try it!



The front band is actually a tube, so has a double thickness. It was super warm on my -30C walk from the car to work this morning!



I’m not 137% satisfied with this hat, even though I really do love it. The picture in the pattern made it look a lot bigger. I made the Adult Large, with needles one size bigger than recommended and it still ended up being quite snug, like a touque would fit. I was also hoping the pom pom would sit more on top of my head, but it ended up being more at the back.

Side bar – pom poms. Even if you don’t sew, knit or otherwise craft, get yourself down to Michael’s, plunk down $10 and get yourself a 2-pack (one large, one small) of pom pom makers. BEST $10 I’ve spent this year so far. Even if all you do is make a pom pom, throw it at your cat, and then have her trail it into the bed every night (like, hypothetically speaking), it will be SO worth it. But once you make a pom pom, you’ll start inventing reasons to put a pom pom on things, like that “put a bird on it” episode of Portlandia.

Anyway, I still love this hat a lot. From the side, it kinda reminds me of a pilgrim lady’s bonnet.


The colour’s been difficult to photograph. It’s a real hot-pink, although it photographs kind of rosy-pinkish. AND it has flecks of glitter in it, so you know, win.

This photo shows the colour the best and the detail in the band.




I have some other projects that I’m working on, and as long as it continues to be cold outside and I continue to be anti-social/depressed/broke and stay in on the weekends, I expect a couple more posts with finished objects soon.

Until then, take care of each other!




It’s Almost the Best Day of the Year!

I love Autumn, and more specifically, Hallowe’en. As such, I end up being so busy in September and October that I don’t have time to update the blog!

I’ve been up to my ears in costuming – for myself, for friends and fellow burlesque/belly dancers. Usually because of this, I’m all Hallowe’ened out by time I actually get to October 31st. This year though, I was able to pull some stuff from my closet and some pieces from a recent burlesque performance to put together a witch costume.

This is the first time I’ve ever dressed up as a witch. It seems like a pretty mundane costume, but growing up with my mom and grandma being seamstresses and later myself, I always had interesting costumes. Some of the homemade things I’ve been over the years are:

The Statue of Liberty

A pop can

A magician’s rabbit (with the bottom half of me being an upside down top hat)

A zombie ER nurse

The Rumor from Umbrella Academy

As well as Big Bird, a bear, a butterfly, a fairy, a pirate (3 times) and a cat (3 times).

Last night I was going to a play that SaskArtGirl was in and it was a costumes-encouraged event. I threw some stuff together and said “Hey, lookit me! I’m a witch”.


The blouse, skirt and petticoat I made for various other projects (the skirt for belly dance, the petticoat for my regular wardrobe and the blouse for a pirate burlesque piece). The underbust corset I got at Taboo last year. Hat is from Target, socks are from Sock Dreams and the boots are Steve Madden. The necklace came from a vendor at a belly dance show a few years ago.

There was a little costume competition at intermission and I won first prize! (This is the 4th costume contest I’ve won. See – studying costume design in university DID pay off! sigh…)

Screen shot 2013-10-26 at 10.54.44 PMI won 2 tickets to the Regina Little Theatre’s One-Act Plays Cabaret in the Spring, 2 tickets to any regular season production and a bowl of candies!

Tonight I made a wreath for my apartment door. I have some new neighbours who are kind of jerks, so I hope this wreath doesn’t grow legs and walk away..

Screen shot 2013-10-26 at 10.53.15 PM

I didn’t have a foam base to start on and I’m stuuuupid-broke right now, so I had to work with what I had around the house. I found a tutorial to make a wreath with rolled up pieces of newspaper, so I did that and wrapped masking tape around it. Then I wrapped black and white broadcloth around it and the green ribbon. I had a papier-mache  skull in the closet that I painted black (because I’m the kind of person that just has ready-to-paint skulls and coffins kicking around…). I finished it off with a black lace bow. I have to say I’m pretty impressed!

Next up, I’m got a belly dance costume to make for the end of November (but sooner that later so I can practice in it), and some new things for the True Knit Art Show on November 9th. The fun never ends! (No really, this is fun. Even when I don’t have time to sleep and my house is falling apart around me…)

I’m hoping to get one more Hallowe’en post in with it being the best day ever and all. Hopefully later this week!

Take care of each other and stay spooky!


Tutorial: Pin Curls!

So, it’s 7 days until Bottoms Up Burlesque’s Hallowe’en show. I have 1 costume that I haven’t even started on, and 2 that are only half done.

I have done nothing today, naturally. I worked 3 hours of overtime at the Day Job, watched the 4-hour epic documentary Never Sleep Again (if I get a chance before Hallowe’en, I may do a review), watched a bunch of shitty movies and forgot to eat dinner.

That said, I guess all that’s left to do is make costumes!  write a blog post!

My hair is finally getting longer again (I live in a world where long hair = chin length, as usually at least part of my head is shaved) and I have enough hair to hold barrettes and such. A few years ago, when my hair was this length, I’d wear it in pin curls almost every day. I was suddenly struck with the urge to put it in pin curls again last weekend and was reminded of how easy it is!

Here’s how to bite this look. All you need is a ton of bobby pins, a comb and a doo rag/head wrap/babushka of some sort.

I always have a shower and wash my hair at night because if I had to get up earlier in the morning to do it, I would literally just never bathe. After washing my hair, I comb it with the part sitting where I want it to be the next day. Then, I just pull 1 inch sections of hair, twist them up and roll them around themselves and secure with a bobby pin. The more twisted they are, the tighter the curls will be.

I don’t section or measure or anything. I just pull up a piece of hair, twist and pin. I make sure I do a good section of curls  at my crown to make sure I don’t have hair sticking straight up or that I don’t have a bald spot. This may just be me though – the back of my head has a tendency to look sparse unless I style it just so.

The more often you do this, the more you’ll figure out where you want the curls to lay and where/how to place them. Let’s take a minute to bask in all that grey in that picture.

Okay! Snap out of it. Once I’ve twisted, rolled and pinned all my hair, I take a piece of fabric, a babushka or bandanna and wrap my head to keep the pins in place while I sleep.

The head wrap I’m wearing here is one of the knot wraps from Lush! I do want to try making this hair wrap I saw online last week though.

This is the part of the process I call “set it and forget it” (No. I don’t usually call it that. It just came to me and I went with it)

Basically, I let it air dry throughout the night while I sleep. I always do it this way, so I don’t know what the results would be like if you used a hair dryer. I think the hair might end up kind of “crunchy” and fried feeling? But I can’t say for sure.

In the morning, my bangs and roots are a little flat after being under wraps all night. This is okay – a little fluffing and styling and it’s all good.

Now, start pulling out the pins and unravelling the curls. I sometimes put a finger (or the handle of my comb, or a chop stick) through the middle of the strand to separate it a bit.

(I hope you appreciate this, because I took this photo the following morning, with no makeup, without having brushed my teeth and I don’t think I was wearing a bra here. REALISM!)

Once all the pins are pulled out and the curls unravelled a little, I just fluff and scrunch and style until my hair looks how I want it. I’ll usually put some barrettes or a headband in.

Now, given that my hair isn’t super long, the curls in the back aren’t overly curly. They’re just kind of crazy. I’m pretty okay with the back of my hair looking like shit, regardless of what the front looks like. I don’t look at the back of my head, so it doesn’t matter to me.

This look is incredibly easy, with the most effort taking place the night before (at least, the way I do it). In the morning, it’s just 10 minutes to looking super cute! I think, especially the way I style it, it looks like retro – which, as you can probably guess, wins major points with me.

It is just a crazy mess of curls, with no rhyme or reason. This is why I love it. But it has come to my attention that it requires a certain attitude to pull off. Once my hair was done, I went to a craft show where I garnered a lot of side eye (nothing new, I get tons of side eye every day). I also heard two women talking not-so-quietly behind me about “what the hell is that??” and “woah, look at her hair! *smug laugh made by people who lead really satisfying lives*”

I turned around  to discover that these compliments were coming from a couple sellers at the craft show. Hey, bitches, guess what I’m never doing? Buying any of your shit, you sad, pathetic creatures. Pro tip: being snarky at a trade show is generally not good for business.

Anyway. Now that my hair is long enough, I’ll probably be doing this more often. I forgot how cute it is! And the nice thing is, it easily washes out so you can go back to straight hair tomorrow! I’ve played around with velcro curlers and sponge rollers, but I like the twist-and-pin method the best. It stays in place and is easiest to sleep on.

We’re currently in the middle of the best month of the year and the best time – Hallowe’en. I was hoping to get a few more blog posts in on various creepy/horror-related topics before the 31st. I may still do that, if I can dig out from under all my costume construction.

Until then, be good to each other!

Unintentional OOTD!

So yesterday, I just had some errands to run in the afternoon. I washed my hair and didn’t feel like drying it, so I just scrunched up the sides as it dried and put a barrette in it. I put on an oversized top and a belt and then looked in the mirror and realised I didn’t look like a complete slarf!


Top, made last year from a scrap of fabric and only worn once because it “wasn’t good”. I just decided to throw it on yesterday and turns out, I love it!  // pants, Tripp NYC from Torrid, 16  //  Boots, vintage Doc Martens, 10  // belt, Zellers, XL  //  Bat barrette, made myself – you can buy some barrettes here!

(the smile in that first photo is brought to you by me nearly falling over and righting myself just before the timer went off! Go Klutztown!)

I finally ordered new contact lenses and wore them yesterday. What a difference new, fresh contacts in a current prescription makes! I can see forever!


I love how the light in my bathroom makes it look like I have nice skin and not the skin of a dermatillomaniac!

Today, I’m going to a craft show and working on a tutorial! I’ll try to get it posted tomorrow or maybe Tuesday.

Be good to each other!

DIY to Dance Class in 5 minutes

I just got new leggings at Superstore this weekend. They were the only ones left, on for $4.94 and, while technically a size too big – they’re leggings, they’re not going to be baggy anyway. I took it as a sign from above.

They’re grey and black and stripey and have little buttons at the ankles and I want to wear them all the time. While I think my booty is one of my best physical features (I’m with Sir Mix-a-Lot on the big butts love, I cannot lie), and love the way garments cling to it, I don’t like it so much when they cling to my belly. My belly is my last vestige of self-consciousness when it comes to my body. This is why I don’t like wearing pencil skirts or high waisted pants, as much as I love both. I’m okay with people staring at my butt and my hips, but their gaze usually finds its way to my belly too and then – gasp! – they’ll realise I’m fat! Because up until now, I think I’ve got everyone convinced that I’m a size 2, right? I’m all for bikinis (fatkinis) in the summer, short skirts, cropped tops – you name it.  I bellydance in low waisted skirts and pants that bare my chub proudly. But put me in  something that clings to my belly and suddenly, I’d just rather stay inside today. Wearing a muumuu. It’s something I’m working on, but I’m still falling a little short of that goal.

All the tops I wear to dance class come to just above my hips. I like to wear leggings or legging-capris, so I usually need something longer to wear over my tummy. A few people in my classes wear these super cute skirt/hip wrap thingies from The Fairies Pyjamas.

They’re really reasonably priced, but made for people who are more… fairy-sized. Plus the couture-trained designer in me just can’t bring myself to wear something with visible seams like that. Even if they do create a cute, whimsical leaf pattern.

I really really wanted to wear my new leggings to class tonight and I wanted some kind of hip wrap/skirt. And I wanted it now. I got home from work at 5:05 and had to leave for class no later than 6:10. I also had to eat something, change my clothes, gather stuff for class and torment  snuggle and love the cat.

In one of my fabric stashes, I knew I had a red jersey-knit fitted bed sheet that I was never going to use as bedding.

I wolfed down a piece of leftover veggie lasagne and pulled out the fabric. In 5 minutes, I was wearing my own hip wrap.

The best part of a fitted sheet? It already has elastic in it for the waistband! I cut out the shape I wanted for this skirt, sewed a seam in one side, and lettuce-hemmed the bottom (On the “no visible seams” thing, lettuce-hemming is just on the precipice. If I was going to wear this anywhere else but dance class, the lettuce-hem would never, ever do.)

I ran out of time before class to take a picture, so enjoy this picture of me, post-class, feeling less than fresh.


Dat (aforementioned) ass

It does exactly what I want it to, was super, super easy to make (like, I impressed myself here, folks!) and now I want one in every colour. I  will probably end up making several more.

I always end up wanting to sew a lot of other things right before a True Knit art show – when I should be preparing for the show. There’s a vest I want to alter and some pretty vintage blouse fabric I want to use for a tunic/blousey thing and a new dress and…. I really need to be reigned in sometimes. I guess I should just be grateful for being a manic insomniac most of the time!

Be good to each other!

True Knit Sneak Peek!

I told you I was going to do a sneak peek at some point, didn’t I? Only 6 days to go until the 5th True Knit Art Show: The Crafterlife!

I got some new fabrics in the mail at the 11th hour (last week) and put some new wallets together.

I had to  work to get some new wallets done this week as a ton of my existing wallets sold on Etsy recently. Not complaining (of course! My Etsy customers are amazing!), but I always seem to sell a lot on Etsy when I’m trying to stock pile for a market.

I’ve also been making some barrettes, clips and fascinators recently. I think they’re turning out pretty cute. I don’t want to make a ton of them, in case they don’t sell. But if the response is good, expect to see more online and at the next True Knit in December!

I’ve also got some little fuzzy brooches and whatever back stock/regular favourites I always have.

So if you’re in the Regina, SK area on Saturday, September 22, come to the university from 10-5. The admission is free, and the donation bucket at the door will go to the Regina Humane Society.  As much as you might not want to think about it yet, this is prime Christmas/Hanukkah/winter celebration shopping time! Get something truly unique for everyone on your list!

See you there – be good to each other!


ETA: I forgot to mention: Buttercup Build Up now has a Facebook page! Check it out for new products, info, sales and more!

Time Flies!

I had totally meant to post an update sooner than right now. It was a busy weekend in the Casa de Craft, working on some new goodies for the True Knit Art Show on September 22! I had wanted to do a True Knit Sneak Peak in this post, but I just didn’t have a chance to take and edit pictures. I’ll try to this week. For know, peep the epic poster for the show:



It’s got a lion, on a cliff, in space, with a paint brush in his mouth. And that’s just the poster! Can you imagine how exciting the actual event is going to be?!

The True Knit community has always been really supportive and I’m so glad I’m a part of it. I’m super excited for this show and to meet up with the True Knit Family of Awesome People again.

I’m working on something pretty exciting that I’m hoping to announce/launch today. But I have dance class to get to shortly and am currently wearing no pants. So it will have to wait!

More soon, take care of each other!