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Ugly Christmas Sweater, 2.0

Last night, I got home from work and decided that although I already had 3 projects I was in the middle of knitting, none of my gifts were wrapped and I still had a gift to make, I definitely needed to make a dress right then.

I’ve had this ugly-ass fabric in my closet for years. Every once in a while I pull it out and drape in over myself in various ways, thinking “do I dare?”

Screen shot 2013-12-19 at 10.39.09 PMIt’s “nordic print”, which I generally find ugly, but with bonus teddy bears! Extra eye-bleeding, hard to look at nonsense!

So I laid it out and started cutting. In a few hours, I had this:
























It turned out super cute, as far as I’m concerned. I got a million compliments on it at work today. It has pockets, is super comfy and basically feels like I’m wearing my jammies all day.

I’m really in love with this collar:

IMG_0004I threw some vintage buttons on there at the last minute for a bit of decoration and really like them.

I’ve wanted to make something with a collar like this for a while but was afraid of it. Turns out, this collar is dead easy. So I foresee more dresses like this in my future. Maybe not as loud as this one, but we’ll see. I still have a good 2 metres left of this fabric that I’m trying to figure out what to do with.

For now, I definitely have to spend the weekend finishing up gifts and wrappings them. And of course celebrating the solstice!

Happy Yule, Solstice, Christmas and whatever else you’re into!




OOTD: I Love This Dress!

I made this dress just before my vacation, but my skin was out of control and I didn’t want to take any pictures! It’s cleared up a bit now, so here ya go:

red dress 3 The fabric doesn’t photograph well, but it actually has tiny white microdots on it.

I made the dress from a composite of 3 patterns and sizes. The shoes are Alegria and glasses are  Derek Cardigan. I have a bit of money left in my work benefits for glasses/contacts for the year, and there’s a new pair of glasses I found that really want. I’m just waiting to see if Clearly Contacts holds a sale of some kind and then I’ll probably order them.

This is currently my favourite dress (even if it did blow right over my head while leaning into my car this afternoon!).  I wore it to meet a friend for coffee tonight, even though I got pen on the skirt at work  and should’ve taken it off to clean it. It’s one of those garments where I just don’t want to take it off! Ever.

I said I was going to go to bed early tonight. And I believe myself every single time I say that!! Currently, I’m working my way through Community on Netflix, so my routine lately has been to get into bed and watch a couple episodes. But then I just keep watching and before I know it it’s 1:30 in the morning! That’s not happening tonight. It’s not.

Take care of each other and go to sleep!


A Dress Making Machine

I’ve made (finished) 3 dresses in the last week! There was, of course, the previously-blogged zebra dress made for a friend’s wedding, and then I made a darling red & white polka dot dress that I didn’t photograph because my skin is out of control and I felt hideous on the day I wore it. Of  course, after I changed out of that outfit at the end of the day, I thought “dude, you could’ve just photoshopped your skin to look better!” Duh. Next time!

Then, on Saturday, I was at the Folk Festival here in Regina, which is always a great venue for people watching. After looking at all the gorgeous dresses and skirts my fellow festival-goers were wearing, I decided that I really needed a jersey knit maxi dress. It would be the ultimate comfy garment for festivalling. I didn’t have tickets to the main stage acts this year, so I was home around 7 last night. Plenty of time to whip up a dress for Sunday at the festival!

I knew exactly what fabric I wanted to use and knew exactly where it was. So when I got home, I got to work and after just a couple hours, I had a new, comfy dress to wear today!

rff dress


Dress has POCKETS because every dress should have pockets, especially when you’re going to an all-day event and need a place to stash money and your phone, while still having it at the ready.

Also: sunglasses! These glasses have been lost all summer and I found them last week in my car (which I had searched 3 times already). I have several pairs of shades, but these are my absolute favourite. I bought them when I was a 15 year old Riot Grrrl, after seeing a picture of Courtney Love wearing ones similar in Spin magazine. For a pair of cheap sunglasses, they’re really held up over the last 18 years!

Folk Fest is now over for another year and I have a wicked sunburn to show for it (I even had sunscreen on!). I guess I’ll have to wear a strapless dress (with a cardigan) to work tomorrow because I really can’t handle straps digging into my red shoulders right now!

I do want to make a new cross-body bag for my holiday yet (because I’m crazy and always need to sew all the things before going on a holiday), so I might update with that later in the week. If not, watch for vacation pictures when I’m back!

Take care of each other and wear sunscreen!