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It’s 2014!

The first day of the new year is almost done. I hope it’s going well for everyone.

2013 was pretty decent, but I really think 2014’s going to be fabulous! I made an image with some plans, some hopes and some resolutions, in no apparent order.  (click for full size)

2014What are some of your plans/hopes/wishes/dreams for the new year? Leave your answer in the comments. Whatever they are, I hope you have an awesome year, as defined by your own awesome!

Happy New Year,



Last OOTD of the Year

Happy 2013, friends! I had a quiet night at a friend’s house on NYE, playing Trivial Pursuit, sharing some wine, music and laughs. Really, that is party-time-excellent in my books! I hope everyone had a great night too!

I put on comfy clothes for the evening, but for the work day, I threw this together.

IMG_0005 IMG_0004


Jumper, no size, made myself //  Blouse: Request, from Zellers, XL  // Tights: JoeFresh, D  //  Shoes: TUK, 10  // Cardigan, thrifted

Also, new haircut! Please acknowledge! I cut it a week ago and no one’s said anything about it yet. Validate me!




And, welcome to my new nail obsession

IMG_0009The colours felt apropos for New Year’s.

The Great Instagram Kerfuffle of 2012 reminded me of how much I loved my (abandoned) Flickr account. I’ve renewed my Pro account and my zeal for photography! I’m hoping to take more pictures this year  – with an actual camera, no less!

Aside from just “laugh more, dance more, sleep more, appreciate things around me more”, I also want to make more time to read in 2013. If you have suggestions for my book list, let me know! My Kobo Arc should arrive next week and I’m looking to fill it up!

Share your light and be good to each other! Happy New Year!