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1 Month to Christmas!

It seems like just a few weeks ago that I was blogging about Hallowe’en.

…Oh wait, it was just a few weeks ago! It feels like the holiday season started the second Hallowe’en was over this year. We got a decent amount of snow here shortly after Hallowe’en, which helped to accelerate things.

Last weekend, I went to see a friend sing with the Regina Philharmonic Chorus’ Christmas concert, “Incantation”. It was a lovely program with some really moving music.

It was quite cold and snowy on Saturday night, but that didn’t stop me from wearing my new outfit to the concert.

IMG_0009Skirt: XL, Ricki’s  //  Top: Ricki’s, 16    // Tights: Joe Fresh

No shoes in this picture as I just wore my winter boots. I threw on my Torrid blazer at the last minute, thinking I might get chilly . It really pulled things together!

IMG_0012I also wore my new TARDIS necklace that I got at the True Knit Art Show from Rapscallion!

Screen shot 2013-11-24 at 11.40.43 PMFor the past few years, I’ve been very not in the Christmas spirit.  I wasn’t interested in celebrating it, I didn’t decorate – I thought the whole thing was just a bunch of overblown pomp and circumstance. I wouldn’t get into the spirit until about the 20th of December, and even then, it was begrudgingly.

I’m happy to report that this year, I’m completely on board with holiday celebrations. I’ve got my lights up in my living room window already and am working on making this wreath.

IMG_0014It’s going to be a crafty wreath; made to look like lots of balls of yarn. I’m also going to add some other little accents to it (bows, maybe pinecones, maybe my set of candy-cane striped knitting needles).

I don’t have a tree, as I don’t have room for a tree. I wanted to have something to put lights and a few decorations on though. I decided to get a piece of green garland and make a bough to put on the wall. I’m going to add some pinecones and holly berries as well as a string of lights and decorations. I think I’ll also rig something up to display any cards I get on it too.

IMG_0013I’m really looking forward to getting this put together! it’s a nice, non-traditional way of having a tree without having a tree. I’ll be sure to post pictures when everything’s done!

I still need to think of actual presents to get/make/buy for people. I have a couple ideas, but nothing solid yet. I should probably get on that!

For now though, it’s time for this ex-grinch to go to bed. Who knows, maybe I’ll even have dreams of sugarplums dance in my head.

Be good to each other and enjoy the snow!








OOTD with New Couch!

Super quick, because I gotta leave in 10 minutes to pick up my sister.

It’s cool outside today, so I can finally wear this blazer for the first time since I bought it in the States.

IMG_0002Blazer: Torrid, 1  // Jeans: Old Navy, 16 // Cami: Ricki’s, XL  // Shoes: Alegria, Euro size 41 I think?   // T-shirt necklace: from a crafter at a holiday market last winter. I can’t remember her name though!!



























Also, my new couch was delivered today! I LOVE it! It’s comfy and big and squishy and I can’t wait to get real lazy on it later.



But for now, it’s dinner and then “The Conjuring” with my sister.

Be good to each other!


OOTD: Uniform of the Overworked

Friends, I’m stressed out. Work is super busy and will be all week. My coworker, who shares the same duties as me, is away this week, so I’m doing the work of 2 people. But considering that we both do the work of 2 people, I’m basically doing the work of 4 people this week.

To keep me sane while working, I’m listening to DreadCentral.com’s Dinner for Fiends podcast. I just started listening, so I have lots of episodes to catch up on and listen to throughout the day. The only other podcast I listen to is Rue Morgue –  any other podcast I try to listen to just doesn’t hold my attention. Moral of the story: I guess I need my podcasts to be funny and about dead things to interest me.

So in being stressed out and tired and winter apparently refusing to die, I haven’t had much gumption to make myself look any better than just decent. However, today I looked cute and as I left for work I thought “I hope I don’t feel like shit when I get home, I need to take pictures of this outfit!” Once I got to work, my coworker even mentioned that I needed to do an OOTD on this outfit, so I took that as a sign.


Blouse: Ricki’s, 16  //  Pants: Ricki’s 16 //  Tie: thrifted, vintage

Wow, I never wear a shirt and pants from the same store! I just realised that. I learned how to tie a short tie on the weekend (you just tie it so the skinny part is really long, and then tuck that into your shirt between the buttons) and it’s renewed my love of neckties. This tie though, was originally from Big & Tall, so the skinny tail tucked into my shirt, into my pants and ran halfway down my leg! I’ll think I’ll cut it down before I wear it next time.


One thing that I hate about doing OOTDs in the winter: the same shoes I wear all day are never the ones I photograph. I wear boots to work and then change into other shoes at work. Before I left work tonight, I at least remembered to photograph my shoes, because they were just too cute to leave out!

IMG_0512Payless, size 10. A little pinchy in the toes, especially after 11 hours.

I’m also tired of not doing anything with my hair, because I just smush a toque onto my head, ruining any semblance of nice hair I might have started with. I just want flowers in my hair, cute dresses and shoes and wearing less than 5 layers all the time! Normally, I find something enjoyable about every season (except Spring. I friggen hate you, Spring; the only thing redeeming about you is that you bring my birthday), but I’m officially over winter.

What do you do to shake the winter blues? Also, what’s your favourite podcast? (involving dead things or not. I can be flexible)

Stay warm and take care of each other!

Monday Thrifting Trip

I very nearly bought this top today.


It’s purple and has a Peter Pan collar! I got an email in the morning from Rickis.com with sale items. At lunch time, I stopped in to look for it, but it wasn’t in the store.  But they had it online, and only my size was left!

In the end, I decided to leave it – I’m working on a dress with the same collar and should only be acquiring new clothes right now if they start off as fabric in my closet (and bedroom. And kitchen. And living room. I have a lot of fabric.)

I did, however, go thrifting after work. I got two pilsner glasses and a bracelet, all for $5!


I’m always left scrambling for bracelets and things to wear on my wrists when getting ready for a belly dance show. This wide, chain link bauble bracelet is perfect!

The glasses are exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’m oddly particular about some things, one being the way I drink beer. It either needs to be in a pint/pilsner glass (not a glass tumbler, not a highball glass, not even a stein or glass mug) or a bottle. Drinking beer from a can feels incredibly déclassé. I feel like beer cans are either for 1) frat parties or 2) sitting in a kiddie pool with a garden hose on a hot summer day.  I do neither of those things.

However! Beer in cans is cheaper. So the last time I bought beer, I bought cans and went on the search for some nice glasses. I can now enjoy a nice Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale in style. My own, weird, oddly specific style.

I love the little bubble in the base!


And as for an update on how my dress is coming along: as soon as the humidity breaks so that I can turn lights and sewing machines and iron on, I’ll finish it. They’ve been calling for thunderstorms to break the humidity for 2 weeks now. It’s bound to happen sooner or later. Until then, knitting with one lamp on is about all I can manage in the evenings (although today I also did some dance practice and yoga after dinner).

Until then, here’s a picture of the prettiest kitty ever, Gretl T Cat.